Australian Architecture 101 – a brief history

They say what goes around comes around. The saying is true in personal fashion (think of the popular vintage and retro trends), interior design (old trends are constantly being revived and reinvented), motor vehicles, and architecture (there’s nothing like the character and warmth of an old, beautifully restored home).

A property we have listed (and is now under offer) made the local papers – and it wasn’t an advertisement. 35 Regent Avenue, Mount Pleasant was built in 1963 to a design created by leading local architect at the time, Peter Overman. It’s a great example of Mid-century Modernism and people are drawn to that.

The interest generated in this classic example of mid 1900’s architecture prompted us to pay attention when an article was posted on recently about the history of Australian architecture. So we thought we would share it with you.

One of the most overused terms in the marketing of older homes is ‘period features’, a term commonly (but often incorrectly) listed among the home’s selling features. The term is basically an all-inclusive reference to one of the numerous architecture movements that have defined Australian suburban design over the past 200 + years.

So what are those architectural movements and what distinguishes one from the other?

Click here for a brief overview of the history of Australian Architecture.

Know your Colonial from your Victorian and your Federation/Edwardian from your Inter-War architecture once and for all.


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